Water is a precious source of a healthy lifestyle for all, each passing year the quantity and quality of this precious resource is declining, which creates tremendous pressure on all the stockholders (Policymaker, scientist, philanthropist, etc).

To overcome this crisis everyone has to utilize it judiciously. Freshwater consumption is increasing with an increase in urbanization and industrialization, which generates a high amount of wastewater. Discharging untreated/semi treated (In comparison to discharge norms) water into the environment itself a gross crime and against the sustainable environment development. Therefore by considering all these aspects, Government and Tribunal court enforces all red category industries to set up their own Zero Liquid discharge systems for maximizing recycling of water and reducing fresh water demands for their utilities.

We have advanced the presently available wastewater treatment technology to treat generated wastewater efficiently with minimal economic and environmental footprint. The technology is based on electro-Coagulation mechanism, which has multiple advantages over conventional treatment those are; Higher removal efficiencies, Low area and carbon footprint, chemical-free, ease in operation, minimal human intervention needed. We also have filed for the Indian Patent of this technology. This technology is the need of the hours as all of us want to have robust, easy to operate and an efficient technology, which can treat wastewater without creating problems. This technology has been proven suitable for many industries and domestic wastewater, those are like; Textile, Slaughterhouse, oil & Gas, pulp and paper, Common effluent plant of inorganic industries, domestic waste water etc. and all of the aforementioned sectors also growing with each passing years, therefore the future of such advance technology will grow at a similar pace.

We are working on research & development of this technology since 2014, we have installed many plants in different industries to measure its limits and found this technology very promising in waste water treatment industry. This technology enhances the efficiency of water recycling plants.

34997 liters of wastewater treated

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