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How it Works

We specialize in treating broad-spectrum wastewater with the technology known as electrocoagulation, that removes heavy metals, suspended solids, and other Organic and Inorganic contaminants from Wastewater. The waste water subjected to mainly these three stages:-


Electric current is passed through the effluent to be treated. This de-stabilizes and suspends colloidal particles as electrons flow freely. The current is continued leading to the next process of coagulation.


The reaction results in the formation of large flocs of contaminants, solids, heavy metals, and emulsified oils.


The flocs formed during coagulation are then removed from the water with the help of Clarification/filtration process.

What our Customer Says

Maxim Solutions delivered successful water treatment results with excellent reductions of contaminants like dissolved iron, boron, calcium, and suspended solids through the process of electrocoagulation. The percentage of reductions for iron, calcium, suspended solids was more than 97% and other metals also had an excellent removal rate. Their filtration mechanism is quite effective and produces quality results. The water treatment systems of Maxim are extremely efficient for all industrial processes and are strongly recommended for achieving high water quality goals.

We trust Maxim Solutions for providing maximum wastewater treatment efficiency. They have expertise in easily identifying and addressing the process issues, resulting in operational effectiveness. Their staff is highly competent and works with a focused skill set, delivering excellent treatment and recycling results.

Maxim Solutions can work on low operational cost and deliver a superb quality effluent. The purification results have been excellent with the removal of heavy metals, suspended and colloidal solids, complex organics, fats, oil, grease and other life-threatening contaminants. The production of sludge is minimum due to their highly efficient EC unit. We highly recommend their productive services for the clean-up of groundwater, surface water, sewage treatment, and water pre-treatment to enable land application, thus reducing the need for costly replacement water.

Water Treatment services at Maxim have been very effective for the removal of bacteria, silica, algae, suspended solids, calcium and magnesium build-up. Their Electrocoagulation System Manufacturers in India removed TSS by 98%, BOD by 90%, and bacteria by 99%. They can treat septage, grease, and other contaminants within minutes. Besides, Maxim’s electrocoagulation is green and sustainable. Control and monitoring are taken care of at every step of the way, which makes Maxim highly reliable. We greatly recommend their services for commercial wastewater treatment.

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